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Ken's Corporate Housing
4532 W Kennedy Blvd Ste 406
Tampa, FL 33609

How to Pay Your Rent Online

QuickBooks eInvoicing 

How does it works?

We email you rent invoice. When you receive the email, you can view the rent invoice by clicking a link to a secure portal. When you click the Pay Now link you can easily input your bank account information to pay your rent. Once the payment is complete you will get an email confirming the transaction.

When will you be invoiced?

We will automatically invoice you 14 days before your rent is due until your lease expires. If your rent is due June 1st, we will invoice you on May 18th.

When can you pay rent?

You can pay your rent anytime after you receive our email. If you plan to pay rent later, save the email.

Tenant Billing

Update Your Email

We will send your rent invoice to the email address on your rental application. If you no longer use that email or wish to change your email, please click Tenant Billing Information and complete this form.

Add a Second Payer

You now can split the rent payment between two payers. When you fill out Tenant Billing Information, you input the amount to bill each tenant.

Pay By Credit Card

You can pay rent by credit card. Processing Fee 3.4% + .25 added to rent for each payment transaction.