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Ken's Corporate Housing
4532 W Kennedy Blvd Ste 406
Tampa, FL 33609

Ken's Corporate Housing


To be a customer focused company by providing "red carpet" leasing experiences for all our customers.


To consistently provide excellent customer service, clean and well-maintained housing, and to manage property with honesty and integrity.


A Commitment to Excellent Customer Service:
  • We professionally clean all condos and carpets before we lease the property
  • Tenants with pets (cats and dogs) must pay $100 unrefundable pet fee to have carpets treated for fleas upon move-out
  • We survey all our customers and make improvements to best serve our customers

A Focus on Quality Housing:
  • Quarterly inspection of plumbing and fixtures
  • Replacement of burnt-out light bulbs with new Compact Flourescent bulbs
  • We are commited to consistently providing clean and well-maintained housing
  • We employ the services of professionals for repairs to appliances, heating and air conditioning, plumbing and electrical

Property Management with Honesty and Integrity:
  • Tenants are present for our move-in inspections and lease signing. We document the condition, record move-in video, and provide tenants with hard copies of the signed rental contract and move-in checklist.
  • We record a high definition digital move-in video and make it privately available to our tenants.
  • We reference move-in checklist and move-in video to be fair with returning tenant's security deposits.
  • If our tenant returns the property without damage and complies with terms of rental contract, we return the full security deposit.
  • If claims are made for repairs, we return the balance of the security deposit to our tenant.